The better way – Use your Zmbizi smart phone to remotely access share & stream your music, videos, photos & movies

Use FileFlex on your Zmbizi phone to access and stream your lifetime collection of music, remotely watch your huge library of home videos, share your media collections and keep backup copies of all your pictures and videos.

Access & stream your lifetime collection of music

Now with your Zmbizi smart phone and FileFlex, you keep your lifetime collection of music where you saved it. From your smart phone you can pick and listen to the music that you are in the mood for that day and stream it directly from where it was saved to your phone. The music is not downloaded to the phone, but remains where it was stored. By virtualizing your storage, that storage essentially becomes an extension of the Zmbizi’s local storage.

Remotely watch any of your home videos

Let’s say you have a huge collection of home videos that you recorded with your family camcorder and various family member’s phones. The problem is – this wonderful collection of high definition videos is HUGE. You can only put small segments on your phone and you can’t possibly store all of them in the cloud – just uploading them at high speed would literally take months.

With your Zmbizi smart phone and FileFlex you keep your massive collection of home videos right where you saved them and simply stream to your remote phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.

Remotely watch any of your movies

Let’s say you have a big collection of movies. With your Zmbizi smart phone and FileFlex, you keep your movies where they are stored and stream them to your phone, from anywhere. You don’t need to download or put them on your smart phone. Your entire collection is available for you to watch any time you want no matter where you are.

Share your media collections

Sharing your entire media collections today is virtually impossible. Sure you can share individual files, but not entire collections, they are too big. Using your Zmbizi smart phone and FileFlex, you can securely share an entire media collection or any portion thereof – the size of the collection does not matter. When you share, the files and folders shared act like an extension of the share recipient’s device. They can simply stream any of the stuff you share to their smart phone, tablet or PC whenever they want without ever having to download anything. Now sharing files and collections of any size with your distant relatives is easy and painless.

Automatically keep copies of your photos & videos

With FileFlex you can automatically backup your photos and videos from your Zmbizi smart phone to any storage you own.  After the photos are synced, you can delete them from your phone to free up space.

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